„green-h2-systems“ for hydrogen technology solutions

Schmidt Kranz companies are forging ahead in the field of hydrogen technology. In April 2020, FEST GmbH and its technology partner iGas Energy GmbH launched an exclusive cooperation in the field of hydrogen electrolysis with a new business unit called “green-h2-systems”.

green-h2-systems combines both companies’ know-how and profound expertise to deliver tailor-made consultancy and comprehensive technology solutions. In close cooperation with the customer, green-h2-systems will manage the supply of green energy based on renewable-resources to the production of hydrogen, transport and storage up to the contracting and engineering of commercial hydrogen refueling stations.   

FEST Group has over 50 years of experience in global consulting and engineering services,  delivering solutions independent of manufacturers and industries. Within green-h2-systems it will manage the conception, engineering and production of turnkey construction, services and operation of such systems in a close technological network with iGas energy GmbH and other specialized partner companies.

iGas energy GmbH created the innovative 'green electrolyzer' for PEM-based hydrogen electrolysis. The technology is offered in a modular and transportable design, as well as in the range of 50KW to 20MW electrical energy. As gas technology expert, the company also develops and implements process systems such as the processing of biogenic residues under recovering valuable raw materials.

iGas energy GmbH and FEST GmbH have already successfully sold and implemented H2 electrolysis systems worldwide, including the highly significant hydrogen market in Germany. 

Current megawatt projects include:

Gas grid supply, Berlin region:

Production of green hydrogen and the proportional utilization of hydrogen in the public gas network. According to the approval process, a PEM-based H2 electrolysis with a volume of 200 nm3 corresponding to 1 MW electrical energy will be delivered after the engineering phase.

Energy supply, Frankfurt region: Production and utilization of green hydrogen to fuel new hydrogen-based regional trains of the Rhein-Main transportation association. A PEM-based H2 electrolysis with a volume of 1,000 nm3 corresponding to 5 MW electrical energy will be delivered.


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