Glückauf Sondershausen Entwicklungs- und Sicherungsgesellschaft mbH

GSES has developed from a traditional German potash mine into a modern service provider and salt producer. The company is mainly active in mining related businesses and invests continuously in development and growth. The main focus is on technology development that supports the long-term future of the mine.

Besides the excavating of rock salt, the main activity of GSES is the backfill and safe underground storage of classified and processed mineral industrial waste products. The excellent geographical and hydrogeological conditions of the ‘Glückauf’ mine provided the conditions for the long-term storage of class IV waste disposals, which is in operation since 2006. A further field of activity is re-cultivation of the potassium tailings dump which is covered with rubble debris, excavated earth and other suitable mineral material to allow a hydrological protection and re-cultivation of the mounds. 

The mine ‘Glückauf’ in Sondershausen has also invested in adventure. The oldest still accessible potash mine in the world invites visitors to explore its vast underground world. The adventure mine offers underground guided tours, taking visitors 670 meters deep down into the salt mine where they can explore the tunnels, take boat rides on underground salt lakes and exhilarating slides down the shafts. Various cultural and sportive events are also organised in the underground location.