About Us

Schmidt Kranz Group is a family-owned group of mid-sized companies with over 130 years of experience in a diversified portfolio of selected industries and services. In each of our main activities, from underground mining and tunneling, mineral processing and recycling, hydraulic and pneumatics to automation and control and services, we aim to deliver to the highest standards. 

Our organisation is made up of nine mid-sized units that cover these various business areas. Our roots and headquarters are based in Germany, while the Schmidt Kranz Group has a broad global presence with independent corporations in over 25 countries.

Our mission is to strive for outstanding technical solutions in our core areas of activity, thereby improving the life of our customers and end-users. 

We aim to increase the profitability of our core segments by continuously building and developing a competent and dynamic team of leaders. This team is united by a strong belief that employees are the number one success factor in every corporation. Furthermore, we are particularly focused on the long-term improvement of our after-sales customer service and making the most of the opportunities provided by digitalisation and globalisation.

As a family-owned company, the Schmidt Kranz Group focuses on long-term investment strategies and the profitable and sustainable growth of our businesses. We encourage co-ownership of management. We aim for majority shareholdings and wherever the market situation requires, we also engage in minority participations or joint ventures. This allows us to ensure that the management maintains the necessary flexibility to enable a dynamic growth according to the business development.

Our mindset, working and manufacturing style is lean and efficient. The holding company is not involved in the daily business of the subsidiaries. Instead, our model is to provide support in strategic and financial matters, business development and offer guidance regarding core strategic initiatives. We also invest directly in new technologies and business areas with a higher risk profile or which are not directly related to our existing activities.