Maximator VETEQ

Leading the way towards sustainable mobility

Maximator VETEQ develops and manufactures serial testing equipment for hydrogen tanks, including for mobility solutions (cars, trucks).

Founded in 2022, the company focuses on “Vessel Test Equipment”, especially for hydrogen storage systems within the automotive sector.

A key to hydrogen mobility is to ensure hydrogen vehicles can reach the highest possible ranges at the lowest possible cost. To achieve this range, we need to be able to fit as much hydrogen gas as possible in the storage tanks. By compressing the gas under extremely high pressure (350 or 700 bar), we can fill far more hydrogen in the tanks than without compression. This high pressure, however, also means that these tanks require special high quality and safety standards. 

Maximator VETEQ has specialised in automated testing systems for serial testing of containers, which are tailored to the requirements of our customers and ensure that the tested containers meet these high quality and safety requirements.