The GHH Group develops and manufactures vehicles for underground mining and tunneling.

It offers customer-specific solutions for the full mining cycle from drilling, loading and hauling up to ground consolidation. The company is specialised in tailoring solutions that enable its customers to focus on their own specific core business.

The main focus of GHH’s activities is the production of load haul dumpers, dump trucks, scalers and other utility vehicles for underground mining and tunneling. These specialised vehicles are designed to suit very specific requirements. Whether for hard or soft rock, these products enable mining companies worldwide a more efficient extraction of precious metals, rare soils and other valuable resources. GHH’s most important mining regions include Europe, India, South Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan, North and South America.

GHH vehicles are also used for tunneling in road construction, railways and hydroelectric power stations. The combination of GHH load haul dumpers and dump trucks has also been used successfully in global tunnel construction in NATM tunneling and in small cross section heading, safety galleries and hydro power or power station tunnels.