Maximum Interactivity: E-Training in the Skill Room

ATT has been training maintenance staff and technicians since 1989. With over thirty years of experience and by continuously improving or training concepts, we have been able to develop innovative HR training programmes for technology careers. The company from Castrop-Rauxel combines technical know-how with all the opportunities provided by digital media. The result is a unique training product, based on educational hardware, E-Learning, guided-support solutions and advanced training software.

The so-called SkillRoom has been designed as a blended-learning environment: mobile training classrooms are equipped with an interactive learning system and a working area with practical assignments. In this way, training experts are able to offer a combination of synergistic e-learning, e-training and practical exercises.

The interactive system communicates directly with the trainee, guiding him through the programme and the applications. ATT’s SkillRooms are designed to provide high-level multi-dimensional and realistic experiences of what to expect on the job. This allows a more praxis-oriented and clearer explanation of topics such as laying hydraulic hose and pipelines. Complex and constantly changing demands on the job market require a new approach to training concepts. With these SkillRooms, ATT has made a major contribution to the necessity of ‘lifelong learning’.

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