Meet as avatars in our virtual training rooms

The restrictions caused by Covid-19 in addition to the already existing urgent need for skilled staff has inspired ATT, the developer of innovative training concepts for technical careers, to create online training solutions in a virtual training room. By adapting their well-proven concept of professional training, ATT is now able to offer the same contents online. 

The virtual 3-D training room combines all the elements of ATT's proven live training programmes with the benefits of more flexibility. And it's fun: each participant uses his or her own personal avatar - a digital image of oneself - with which it can move freely through the virtual training world. Communication is through a headset and a selection of programmed functionalities. Putting your hand up, applauding at the end of a lesson - it's all possible in our virtual world. The training includes interactive 3-D models and a range of digital visual aids. 

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ATT provides both the development and implementation of the training concepts as well as creating and providing the required learning hard- and software. Whether in the form of workshops, train-the-trainer concepts for hydraulics, pneumatics, steering- and automation technology or support with the implementation of new production sites – ATT provides individual solutions and combines digital with analogue learning methods. 

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