mts PERFORATOR GmbH is specialised in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of horizontal and vertical drilling technologies. Its core competencies are in the field of microtunneling, thrust boring machines, drill pipes, drilling tools and injection and grouting pumps. These products have been at the core of the Schmidt Kranz Group’s activities for over more than a century.

mts microtunneling and thrust boring machines are used around the globe for a range of infrastructure and tunneling projects, particularly for sewage systems or service tunneling. A typical application is a waste water canal. Thrust boring applications include all types of utility connections to the grid. No-dig solutions help keep the environmental impact to a minimum.

mts PERFORATOR drill pipes are commonly used in open pit mining (blast hole drilling), oil, gas and water exploration and for the installation of underground pipes, cables or conduits (horizontal directional drilling). Injection pumps are used for rock and concrete consolidation, roof support and cavity filling, gravel bonding and to prevent water ingress.